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Woven SHADOWWORK wall tapestry with Reed Demon Doll
Woven SHADOWWORK wall tapestry with Reed Demon Doll

This weaving is a flat weaving with a woven doll on the front of it made of dyed reed.

The weaving measures:
28inches long but 34inches with the fringe
19 3/4inches wide
4.5 deep at its head which is the deepest point

The doll was made weaving reed around a base to create the 3d effect. The bottom has a bell connected to the strings. The piece is a representation of expelling inner demons. The doll was visualized using meditation techniques that bring up inner demons or things that need to be worked on. The weaving took many hours, and during this time the demon that I wanted to get rid of was worked on using analytical meditation. The bell represents a sound used as a way to snap your attention into knowing that this will all end and to not put too much weight into the problem. The Rainbow threads are used to represent the rainbow body. The rainbow body phenomenon is a concept that at the time of death if you become enlightened your body explodes into rainbow light. The threads here are black showing with a hint of red, showing that the rainbow body is achievable, but not here yet. The bell is strung from the strings saying time is running out. Focus now. Hang this to remind yourself not to waste the precious pending time you have left. Focus on sorting out whats in your mind, find out what you dont want to be there and expel it one by one.

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