Erik got his start constructing costumes to wear for nightlife, while at the same time studying psychology in college. A portfolio was put together and he got his first professional job sewing foam costumes and mascots in a puppet shop. 8 Months later, that job ended, and another was attained in a Broadway costume shop specializing in historical replicas. Every time Erik learned a new technique from the shop, he used it to make a garment, constantly experimenting. After years of designing and constructing fashion type garments, the work switched to more wearable fiber sculptures which is what it is today. Having a strong interest in meditation and psychology, he uses all of his learned realizations as symbols in the work. Eriks buddhist meditation practice takes him on retreats and workshops all over the world.

    Eriks last project was a collection of 9 fiber sculptures called, "Shadowwork." The story is a visual retelling of a ritualistic ceremony in which overwhelming negative thoughts overtook the mind creating a form of mental hell . The pieces are made using techniques, such as weaving, coiling, and sewing. Each piece is around 7 feet tall. You can see some in construction and finished pieces as well as drawings, research, and techniques on Instagram.com/ErikBergrin as well as www.ErikBergrin.com