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The Rope Technique Tapestry
The Rope Technique Tapestry

This is a hand woven tapestry depicting, "The Rope Technique."
It measures 37inches long, 43 including the fringe on the bottom, by 47inches wide.

When trying to Astral Project outside your body during sleep, several techniques can be used. One of the ones I was studying was, "The Rope Technique." This is where when you are laying down, you visualize a rope hanging from the ceiling and your second body grabbing the rope and pulling itself up and out of your first body. This is the body that will then be used to travel with. During the weaving process, the technique was focused on and engrained in my mind by the many hours it took to weave, that I was able to do this technique every night. Hang this to remind yourself of this technique, or an example of what the mind is capable of doing.

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