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Shadowwork BEGIN tapestry weaving
Shadowwork BEGIN tapestry weaving

This is a weaving from a 9 piece collection called, "Shadowwork," last shown at Marlborough Contemporary Gallery in NYC, the Gallery of Arts and Crafts in Boston, The State Historical Museum in Moscow Russia, and Y Gallery NYC. In my 9 part series called, each sculpture is a representation of the ritualistic story about creating our own mental torment.

The project is divided into 9 parts, First the candles are lit in piece 1, then piece 2 is when the cleansing of the sage happens. After this comes the the ringing of the singing bowl to show the ceremony has begun. This weaving is a representation of piece 3, called BEGIN. Where the singing bowl is rang to start the ceremony.

The next three pieces will show the body opening ready for all the thoughts to come out, then the then the crematorium which shows you burning in your own thoughts, then the next one is the cocoon where your are solidified in your own mental torment. The last 3 pieces are based on the rainbow body phenomenon. Where at the time of death if you become enlightened your body shoots out into rainbow light. Each piece is shown with rainbow threads getting blacker showing that everything is pure is being taken away. The project was made as a reminder to stop this cycle. Concentrate on every thought and let them arise and fall.

**This is a representation of the large sculpture which stands around 6ft 8in tall and is made of wool, cotton, and wood. The first photo is of the weaving. The next photos are of the piece itself. What is for sale is the first photo, the weaving representation. The weaving is made of wool and has little bell beads sewn all over it to show the sound of the bowl.

The weaving itself measures 33inches long with the fringe.

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